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We Help Logical "Nice Guys" Attract & Date Stunning Women In Just 30 Days With Simple Attraction Scripts & Systems.

Meet Your Coach...

"Hi, I'm Max Bel. Founder of the Elite Dating Mentoring. Author of the Attraction Script. Here's my story..."

 My Starting Point...

In 2014, I was an awkward virgin with ZERO success in dating. I was the typical "nice guy". Addicted to porn. Alone. And desperate.

 The Game Changer...

At 18 years old, I met a mentor who taught me his system and scripts for meeting, dating and attracting stunning women regardless of your looks, age or bank account.

 My Method Is Simple... 

I'm a highly success-oriented individual. I don't like to waste my time with bullshit tricks that don't work. 

No weird pickup artist gimmicks. No "alpha male" non sense.

I use evolutionary psychology and influence strategies derived from sales and marketing to get meet and date incredibly beautiful women. 

And YOU could do the same. 

Learn To Meet & Attract Your Perfect 10 In Just 4 Days Without Using Dating Apps Ever Again...

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Our Mission and Values.

We want to transform the dating and love life of 10,000 success-driven men overe the next 5 years.

 We are obsessed with client results

The only thing that matters to us is getting our clients REAL results: an abundance of hot dates AND/OR an amazing girlfriend.  

 Dating is just a skillset

Success is dating is no different than success in sales... 

All you need is a proven methodmassive practice and feedback.

 We are NOT "politically correct"

F*ck the mainstream. We will show the world for what it REALLY is. No more leftist brainwashing.

 We ONLY help success-driven men

We don't like losers. 

The men who have already achieved GREAT success in ONE area of their life (in business, career, sports, etc.) tend to get faster and better results with our coaching.

Since 2018...


Clients Helped


Dating System



My Favorite Hobby?

Getting Clients Laid.

Over the past 5 years, we've helped 3,000+ men meetattract and date stunning women 

WITHOUT chasing women, using dating apps, or going on sugar daddy websites.

Patrick, 76 years old, retired Doctor from Las Vegas

Lukas, 26 years old, sales coach from Germany

Ali, 31 years old, real estate broker from Toronto

Daniel, 21 years old, gym trainer from Australia

Lars, 27 years old, business consultant from Denmark

Real Clients. Real Results.

This movement is real. These guys are no different than YOU. 

Young, old, fat, ugly, skinny, good-looking, white, asian... 

It doesn't make a damn bit of difference. It's time to LEVEL UP!

3,497+ Men Are Already Using This "Attraction Script" To Attract Stunning Women Fast.

3,497+ Men Are Already Using The "Attraction Script" To Attract Stunning Women Fast.

Do you CHOOSE to be NEXT?

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7 Proven Lines That Create Instant Tension With A Woman And Make Her Want You

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Copy and Paste This 92-Page Word-For-Word Attraction Script To Get Women Instantly Attracted To You

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Attraction System

Step-By-Step System For Meeting, Attracting And Taking Home Stunning Women In Just 30 Minutes

Instagram System

Step-By-Step Online Dating System For Getting 2-3 Hot Dates Every Single Week Without Swiping On Dating Apps

Our Coaching Programs

90-Day Online Coaching Program
Meet & date an abundance of stunning women OR attract your dream girlfriend WITHOUT swiping on dating apps.

4-Day Live In-field Coaching Program
Master the art of meeting women anywhere and closing the deal (during the day or at night in bars and clubs)

12 Months Private Mastermind
CONNECT with other elite players, reach total ABUNDANCE in your dating life, keep your PERFECT 10.

 Forget Tik Tok, Youtube and ALL The Mainstream Social Media Platforms...

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